i3AX & i3BX Intelligent Controller

Newly evolved for 2018, we are delighted to introduce to you the i3AX & i3BX Intelligent Controllers from IMO. The i3 range is well established in the industrial automation marketplace, and offers the combined functionality of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) in one handy and compact unit. The new i3AX & i3BX improved on what is an already comprehensive offering..

Compact Physical Design
The small, modest design of both the i3AX & i3BX enables you to fit more in to your panel, saving space and resources. For an introductory i3 Series product, the i3AX & i3BX pack a huge punch into an overall small package, which utilises a standard quarter DIN (92 x 92mm) cut-out.

Flexible I/O Configuration
The i3AX & i3BX are engineered with up to five unique built-in I/O configurations, all of which include high speed counting capabilities – a truly advantageous feature for such a small package! If the built-in I/O of the i3 isn’t enough for your specific application, you can easily expand via CAN or Ethernet or Serial. With thousands of external I/O combinations through several additional networking media, the wide scope of digital and analogue I/O make automating your applications, and your organisation, as simple as pushing a button.

Extensive Control & HMI Features
Many of the features found in more high-end controllers are available in our i3 controller. The i3 utilises a sunlight readable backlit touchscreen (good for dark and bright light), physical keys for buttons, and a strong graphical user interface which fully integrates the HMI into the control system. Some of the strengths and benefits of the i3 are Datalogging: massive data storage space for future analysis or recall; Scheduling: easily enable period and time-based measurements/events, and includes a real-time clock; Floating Point & Advanced Maths: comprehensive functions easily perform complex mathematical processing; Multi-Language Support: easily integrate into diverse markets through one product which includes customer fonts for different languages, symbols or sizes.

Comprehensive Connectivity
The level and scope of the connectivity within the i3 controller is unprecedented with built-in Ethernet, CAN, USB and Serial ports, making communication to other systems seamless and easy. The i3 controller employs an array of physical connections, as well as a host of industrial protocols which enable communication in a multitude of network layers, allowing the unit to communicate with a huge array of equipment within different industrial manufactured components.

i3 Industrial Applications

Reduce energy consumption. Increase overall productivity

Building Automation
Improve occupant comfort. Economical operation systems

Material Handling
Minimise HMI inefficiencies. Track / log / catalogue data

Oil & Gas
Maximise capacity utilisation. Maintain emission standards

Renewable Energy
Data logging, remote access. Sunlight & UV protection

Water & Wastewater
Station pump control. Remote water well controls

Production Management & control. Datalogging

i3 Resources