June 2017 – IMO 33 Years with Jaguar

“Who controls the past, controls the future!” When George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four way back in 1949, he had no idea that 50 years later “Big Brother” would be a successful TV show where contestants lived in isolation from the outside world. He also wouldn’t have had any idea that some of the concepts introduced in his novel would be as ground-breaking today, and they were inconceivable back then.

His timeless quote “Who controls the past, controls the future” is so pertinent today, especially when you consider the IMO Jaguar Drive and its long-standing IMO customers. Coincidentally, it was back in 1984 that an IMO customer who tests and manufactures small batches of prototype paper products, fitted the IMO Jaguar VL750 drive to a pump on their Pilot Plant. The VL750 was one of our first ever AC variable speed drives, and as this story goes, was built not only to control the past, but the future too! After 25 years of running the pump on their Pilot Plant, the system then powered and ran a diesel generator for a further 8 years. If you know anything about AC inverter drives, you will know that they prefer a stable input voltage. But the voltage from a diesel generator is anything but stable as it outputs crude power with spikes and ripples. Now after 33 years of faultless service, the original IMO Jaguar VL750 is being retired and replaced with a brand new IMO Jaguar VXR.

IMO Jaguar drives have long been associated with quality and reliability, and are in fact the only drives in the world offered with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years. Over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing variable speed drives gives our engineers the edge in application expertise and sheer drive to know how to help customers achieve the optimum solution. There is little doubt that when this particular customer had the Jaguar VL750 drive installed 33 years ago they did not expect they would still be using it in 2017.

Is this the longest serving, variable speed drive in the world? Possibly! But there is no doubt that the VL750 controlled this customers’ Pilot Plant well in the past and into the future. Another 33 years we hear you say? IMO mantra – The future in control – has never been more relevant. To find out more about the incredibly long lasting and reliable Jaguar Variable Speed Drives, click here...