News - IMO DIN RAIL TERMINALS – Pushing toward the future of panel connectors

IMO extends it’s already comprehensive range of terminals and now introduces the PUSH-FIT DIN-terminal.

Designed to allow instant wiring without the need for a screwdriver, the PUSH FIT terminal saves both time and money.

With ratings up to 800V/57A and wiring capabilities to 16mm² for solid strand cables on single connection standard and earth terminals, our PUSH-FIT terminals are designed to meet vibration frequencies of up to 2kHz at a displacement of 20mm and an acceleration of 20g.

The PUSH FIT range includes Multi Level, Multi In/Out connectors as well as Sensor, Fuse holder and Disconnect terminals.

Cross Connection has never been easier and with dual entry points for all PUSH FIT connectors; interconnection to distribute potentials within assemblies is limitless.

All the selected materials used in our terminals are subjected to strict quality control as required by international standards. Clamping yokes and screws are zinc plated which considerably increases the resistance to corrosion; current bars are made of brass/electrolytic copper. Polyamide 6.6 moulded housing has excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics even at temperatures as high as 100 ?C and contains no cadmium based colour pigments.

All our DIN-terminal blocks deliver quality and reliability, click here to find out more.