Ben Johnson

I joined IMO in April 2007 as a member of the technical sales team, as it was my first job in the electronics industry I relished the new challenges ahead. My first role at IMO involved placing sales order onto the system and offering first line customer support on IMO products to customers, I found helping customers find solutions for their applications very fulfilling.

During my time at IMO I have met wonderful, friendly and approachable people; one thing which I really liked and still like is that you are not a number at IMO because everyone knows everyone and we all support each other. I very much enjoyed my new job at IMO, however I always looked to improve and challenge myself so when an opportunity in late 2007 to move into product management arose I applied and was very generously given the chance to prove myself. At first the step from technical sales to product management felt like a giant leap, but with the help and support from other product mangers within IMO my knowledge and experience grew making the transition a lot smoother for myself. My new role as a Panel Products Manager firstly involved myself managing stock and offering high end technical support, which later included running the product assembly range. One of the most exciting parts of product management is to help design and introduce new or updated products into our range, as we always aim to have the best and wide range of products in stock.

I am looking forward to the future with IMO, as it will bring many new and exciting projects allowing me to explore new products IMO look to offer for their customers.