Graham Viney

April 1st 1990, April Fools Day, what a day to join IMO; my first day in a sales environment after 6 years working as an electronic engineer designing various communication equipment. It is strange how things evolve in your life but after my time in design I felt that I had to move into a commercial environment in order to make me a better business man and I just happened to see a job advert for IMO in a local paper where I lived and even stranger that for the last 3 years as a designer I was actually a customer of IMOs.

I joined IMO as a Area Sales Manager supporting a range of electromechanical relays and switches in order to cover a small area of the UK and work with a marvellous team of colleagues. At that time little did I know of what was to come in this fast moving commercial world as over the next 8 years I went from selling an established range of products, to then assisting in running the divisions sales and stock, to being involved in the transition to new ranges of products, to then going back out "on-the-road" as an Area Sales Manager again. It seemed at that time the succession of changes involved major challenges for me from starting with my small sales area, to operating from an office, to re-learning new products, to then covering about a fifth of the UK with a new range of components but each challenge was a learning experience I will never forget.

IMO was not finished with me then either, at the end of this 8 year period, company evolution opened the offer for me to manage the Electronics Division office operation within IMO and then after about 18 months placed me in the Quality Manager position I currently hold to date. In true IMO tradition this job is still not what you expect it to be, yes I get involved in the QMS and ISO approval but it does not stop there it seems to encompass anything and everything I, my colleagues or IMO need me to get involved with from checking factories and testing components, third party accreditation of product, to import/export codification and health and safety to even changing a light bulb or two. In many cases I have found from my experience at IMO that a job title is just that a title, everyone is so passionate about IMO and the achievements we can make that we all get involved in areas that are beyond that expected to the extent that it comes down to a little adage that I was once told by an old colleague "...we all do whatever it takes to get and service the business...".

During my many years at IMO I have seen many changes and there have been many tough times and hard decisions to make but during those times, as I said at the start, I joined a marvellous group of people and I have to say I am still working with a marvellous team all of whom continue to grow in their own personal development as IMO continues to evolve, grow and strive to reach those ever increasing targets that we set ourselves.