Susie Booth

When I joined IMO in 2001 as a Receptionist, I was immediately aware of the warmth and support within the company.

The culture at IMO is passionate, friendly and hardworking. There is a wealth of knowledge at IMO and the people are more than happy to share this knowledge. Here at IMO we are focused on doing the right thing for our customers and their customers. The team is committed to providing a valuable service.

Within six months of joining IMO I was given the opportunity to work within the sales team. At first this was a challenge for me but with the help of the management team and my colleagues I was able to overcome any initial obstacles.

I was encouraged to take on a more active role within the Sales Department. Dealing with overseas customers increased my confidence and enabled me to better understand different cultures.

I left IMO to have my son, Max, in 2006. Upon my return in November 2007, I was promoted to Customer Services Advisor. IMO has given me the knowledge, confidence and support to take on this role. As far as I am concerned, the sky’s the limit.