As one of the leading manufactures of Automation and Electronic components, IMO Precision Controls Ltd is trusted the world over by engineers to deliver products that have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, at the most competitive prices. Each month our newsletter highlights products from our range that we have either made improvements to, lowered pricing on or highlight some of the products significant technical advantages that many of our customers are already benefiting from. This month, we look at our Limit Switches as well as the latest news about our range of DIN Rail Terminals.

Limit Switches

Limit switches by nature have to be robust to withstand the rigors of environment they are design for. They must be mechanically and electrically in compliance with the applicable standards that are required and universally accepted by industry. IMO offers two ranges of limit switches; Compact heavy duty and Standard heavy duty; both models are designed to exceed expectations. IMO limit switches are made in conformity with industry standards: EN 60947-5-1, EN 60947-1, EN 50041, EN 1088, EN ISO 12100-1, EM ISO 12100-2, EN 60529. VFC 63-140, VDE 0660-299 and VDE 0113 IMO limit switches are UL 508 approved Some of the features of the lMO limit switches include:

• 17 Contact Block options which includes +Ve break contacts/contacts • Interchangeable contact blocks • Up to 48 actuator options • PG11, PG13.5 (standard option), M16, M20 gland and M12 plug connector entry options (not all body styles) • Optional gold plated contact block for switching of low currents • Earth terminal connection (metal body only) • Lift style levers • IP67 • Mechanical life expectancy of 20 million operation cycles • Up to 3600 operation cycles/hour To view the full range of Limit Switches click here.

DIN Rail Terminals

IMO Din Rail Terminals – there is one for every application IMO offers a broad range of terminal blocks - screw clamp, spring-cage or bolt connection technologies. IMO terminals provide precise, safe, quick and convenient connections of all wire sizes: 1.5mm² to 240mm². Most options have universal snap-on foot for mounting to MR32, MR35 and TS15 rails. Whether your requirements are for feed-through, ground (earth), fuse/disconnect, distribution, high-current or multilevel terminal blocks - IMO has the ideal solution for you. The product family includes a comprehensive range of DIN Rail accessories to enhance the design capabilities and to put the finishing touches to your designs. Screw-in and push-in cross connectors are available in standard 2, 3, 4 and 10 pole assemblies for interconnection to distribute potentials/signals within terminal block assemblies. A range of marking tags of various sizes helps to make DIN Rail assemblies easier to wire and facilitate troubleshooting.

Materials IMO terminals are made from comply with relevant international standards. Zinc plated clamping yokes and screws considerably increase resistance to corrosion, and brass/electrolytic copper link bar ensures a good mechanical and electrical connection. Polyamide 6.6 moulded housing has excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics even at temperatures as high as 100 ?C and contains no cadmium based colour pigments. All IMO terminal blocks deliver quality and reliability. To download the full technical datasheet click here.