As one of the leading manufactures of Automation and Electronic components, IMO Precision Controls Ltd is trusted the world over by engineers to deliver products that have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, at the most competitive prices. Each month our newsletter highlights products from our range that we have either made improvements to, lowered pricing on or highlight some of the products significant technical advantages that many of our customers are already benefiting from. This month, we look at our Temperature Controller Range as well as the latest news about our range of MK Microswitches.

Temperature Controllers

Offering a compact front panel arrangement that combines a digital display with a basic touch panel, IMO Temperature Controllers are ideal for industrial environments where the space occupied is seen non productive and expensive.

Bringing users significant cost savings, the controllers employ a “reduced” front panel which provides real-time viewing as well as the ability to override communications and make adjustments locally. IMO Temperature Controllers are available in a wide range of standard DIN sizes and a 22.5mm slim ‘din rail’ mountable model for in-panel mounting.
All models are multi-selectable input, suitable for large range of thermocouples,

RTD as well as voltage (0-10V) and current (4-20mA) inputs. PID with auto-tune, PD on/off are standard throughout the range as is one alarm relay. Standard output options include 0-10V, 4-20mA, SSR and relay. Additional output options include second alarm relay, 2nd set point, heater burnout, heat/cool outputs and RS485 communications using IMO protocol or Modbus. IMO Temperature controllers have IP66 protection for the front cover and a wide operating voltage 85-264VAC or 20-28VAC/DC. To download the full technical datasheet click here.

MK Microswitches

The MK series of microswitches have been developed with added features to replace the existing MV range. The main features of the new range have been kept the same as the existing MV range to allow for interchangeability. However, extra features have increased the application field where these switches can be used.

The innovative feature of this series is the tripping device which has evolved with the use of modern technology, allowing added features that offer a higher number of solutions when compared with similar devices currently present in the market.

The contacts of the new MK range have a higher reliability factor which has been achieved with the use of double contacts and with the possibility of use where positive opening of the contact is required. The housing has been designed so a gasket can be added as an option in order to seal the device against fine dust or liquids up to IP65. The terminals are more practical and allow for connection of a wider range of cable diameters.There are also options available with Fast-On terminals, with the choice of three different terminal exit angles.. To download the full technical datasheet click here.