As one of the leading manufactures of Automation and Electronic components, IMO Precision Controls Ltd is trusted the world over by engineers to deliver products that have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, at the most competitive prices. Each month our newsletter highlights products from our range that we have either made improvements to, lowered pricing on or highlight some of the products significant technical advantages that many of our customers are already benefiting from. This month, we look at our NEW TY4 On-delay Timer as well as our NEW HVAC Jaguar Variable Speed Drive.

Electronic miniature On-delay timer

IMO has a new TY4 timer range.

TY4’s are On-delay plug in timers with a four pole changeover relay contact for output. The timing can be set between 0.1 sec and 100 hours. Time range is selectable via a rotary switch placed on the side of the unit, with fine adjustment within the range selected using the rotary knob on the front of the unit. IMO New TY4 relay is smarter!

From fifty five models in the previous range, IMO has managed to reduce this to just five, by using the latest technology, smarter circuitry and the addition of a time range selector. The product is available with operating voltages 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC and 230VAC. This will make your ordering easier and reduce your stock. The switching capability of the output contacts has been increased to; 6A @ 240VAC (AC1). TY4 will soon be available from IMO. All you need to do is select your new TY4 today for a smooth changeover process. No need to purchase the clip separate as this is already supplied with the retaining clip. To access the datasheet please click here to download or contact the IMO sales team directly, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

AC Variable Speed Drives For HVAC Applications

IMO introduces it’s newest member to the Jaguar family – the VXH. Developed specifically for HVAC and Pump applications in a slim, easy to install package, the Jaguar VXH achieves optimum energy saving on fan and pump applications, contributing significantly to environmental protection while drastically reducing energy costs.

Inverter technology is proven to save energy consumption and an increasing number of users are benefiting from these savings. With its optimised control algorithm and dedicated application control functions the Jaguar VXH is leading the way in performance while continuing the user friendly reputation that Jaguar is renowned for.

As you expect from IMO the Jaguar VXH comes with BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU & Metasys N2 as standard to provide the necessary communications required for most BMS systems. With IP55 enclosure, integral EMC filter and DC reactor up to 90kw, the VXH really is the complete package.


• Wide capacity range from 0.75kW to 710kW. • Torque Vector Control. • IP21 & IP55 in same dimensions. • DC Reactor & EMC filter built-in up to 90Kw. • Automatic energy-saving operation. • Fire Mode (forced operation). • Filter clogging prevention. • 4 PID control. • Customisable logic (PLC). • Real time clock. • Wet bulb temperature estimation control. • Linearization function. • Password protection.

Customisable user friendly keypad:

1. Present value (PV) 2. Setting value (SV) 3. Manipulating value (MV) 4. Frequency 5. Output current 6. Output voltage 7. Torque 8. Rotation spreed 9. Power consumption 10. Cumulative energy

To download the full technical datasheet click here.