As one of the leading manufactures of Automation and Electronic components, IMO Precision Controls Ltd is trusted the world over by engineers to deliver products that have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, at the most competitive prices. Each month our newsletter highlights products from our range that we have either made improvements to, lowered pricing on or highlight some of the products significant technical advantages that many of our customers are already benefiting from. This month, we look at our new ground breaking Solar Cube as well as all the other latest news from IMO.

NEW IMO Solar Cube

Introducing the new IMO Solar Cube, a dedicated controller for positioning solar panels to track the sun, wherever they are installed in the world, optimising the panel’s maximum power output capability.

The SOLAR CUBE controller employs a dedicated sun tracking algorithm which, in conjunction with a 3D compass and GPS aerial, allows it to follow the sun with great accuracy. It has been designed to control motorized single or dual axis solar panel arrays, positioning the panels to face the sun at all times during daylight hours and can be used on single stand-alone arrays or linked across multiple arrays.

The Solar Cube’s processes the signals received from the compass and GPS aerial to understand the exact orientation of the panel and its location on the planet. It compares this with the calculated sun’s position, using IMO’s tracking algorithm, and signals the panel’s actuators to move to the required angle. Tracking of the sun in this way ensures the maximum generated power from the solar panels, leading to a high efficiency PV installation and maximum return on the investment. Solar Cube comes in two options. Part numbers are listed below: SOLARCUBE-1A Single Array Solar Tracker, one or two axis configurable COMPASS-485 3D Positional Compass I3-GPS IMO Recommends: Garmin GPS 18 LV SOLARCUBE-4A Four Array Solar Tracker, one or two axis configurable SMT-CD-R20-V3 x 3 Slave Array Remote I/O COMPASS-485 x 4 3D Positional Compass I3-GPS IMO Recommends: Garmin GPS 18 LV

Solar Cube Key Features:

• 3.5” Monochrome Touch Screen • 5 Pre-programmed function keys • Built-in sun positioning algorithm • 3D Compass input for accurate positioning • Automatic location and clock updates with GPS • MicroSD card for data logging • Password security for all settings • Error based adjustment with configurable error values for each axis • Configurable minimum and maximum adjustment angles • Configurable safety cut-out system • Configurable twilight settings (returns to morning position automatically) • Single Axis supports Azimuth or Zenith tracking • Supports custom inverter serial communications • GPRS and Ethernet Remote Access options available • Emergency Stop input • Manual Jog function • Manual Override key • Optional Ice and Wind Sensor inputs • Four motor outputs (for 2 Axis Control) • Limit Switch inputs for safety cut out • Optional Washer Control output • Analogue input for power output measurement (CT Connection) • Optional analogue input for light level sensing • IP65 (NEMA4) CE, cUL, UL • 10-30VDC supply

Solar Cube Data Logging:

• Total kWh produced to date • Total kWh produced today • Current Power Output graph (kW against time) • Yesterday’s Power Output graph • Yield Values for last 31 days (kWh against days) • Yield Values for last 12 months (kWh against months) • Specific Annual Yield

IMO recommends the use of IMO specified 3D Compass, Remote I/O and GPS Aerial. Should alternative parts be specified please contact IMO for details of costs for the software engineering required to integrate them with the Solar Cube. To download the full Solar Cube brochure click here.

Heating and Lighting Contactors

Introducing the new addition to the IMO Modular heating and lighting Din mountable contactor range: 25Amp 2 Pole option.

The HC25-20 has a higher load switching capacity than HC20-20 but remains physically the same size, allowing the user to switch 25Amp at 440VAC. Built to IMO’s highest standard of quality the new 25Amp 2 pole modular contactor and including the complete range is competitively priced.

HC contactor range is suitable for applications such as lighting, heating, air conditioning and low current motor loads. Amongst its required certifications the HC modular contactor range has UL approvals, allowing the product to be marketed in United States. For further information please click here to refer to our technical data sheet.

IMO can offer other panel products that are used as well as the HC range.