IMO Pack 'N' Track

The IMO custom built Pack ‘N’ Track system has integrated our logistics seamlessly to UPS for over five years now enabling later next day delivery cut-off times and total tracking visibility from the moment a delivery note is printed. Its customised programme ensures that UPS just pick up and deliver, and with over 30,000 square feet of warehousing packed with products at our European HQ in London, that kind of efficiency is needed to ensure our customers get their products on-time, every time.

However, improvements can always be made and we are pleased to announce the launch of our newly updated Pack ‘N’ Track system to speed things up even further. Its new Raspberry Pi 2 brain accelerates every process and the customised program has been completely rebuilt to ensure strengthened security measures, integration of RFID technology and complete autonomy delivering increased stability and energy efficiency by no longer relying on a dedicated server. Data-logging that has been enhanced to identify potential areas of bottle-neck further improves efficiency within our logistics operation.

Our new Pack ‘N’ Track is just one of the ways that we are making the customer purchasing experience even better.