Limit Switches


IMOs Limit Switches are being installed and used daily in every type of industrial machinery, in every type of weather condition and in many different industry sectors, including Wood, Metal, Plastic, Automotive, Packaging and Lifting.

In order to be used in such a wide range of applications and industry sectors, the IMO Limit Switch is available in eight basic shapes of body, dozens of contact blocks, hundreds of actuators, that equals to over 3,000 configurations.

The issue of safety within in the workplace is of the upper most importance, so as well as the standard range of IMO Limit Switches, IMO also provides a Safety range.

IMOs range of Safety Limit Switches includes:

- Safety coded magnetic sensors & respective control modules.
- Switches with solenoid, providing no panic release devices.
- Innovative hinged safety switches.
- New safety modules
- New accessories for rope safety devices.

The FR range of safety switches are specially designed to match the increasing complexity of modern machinery, particularly in processes that require high operator intervention such as pick and place or assembly machines.

IMO's comprehensive range of safety limit switches consist of four exciting model variants, the FR92, FR95, FR874 and the FR77. Between them, the model variants provide solutions for rope switch actuation, rotating head and lever switches for open guard sensing and high speed key entry switches that protect against damage caused by slamming guards. The safety switches can operate at 3600 operations per hour, and have bifurcated gold plated contacts that offer longer life and better signal transfer. Contact change at 6o means the switches give an early indication of open guard. They come with PG13.5 or optional M20 conduit entry, an IP65-rated terminal chamber and eight contact block configurations.

Within the IMO range of safety products the FR family offers compact size and low cost to the machine builder whilst maintaining a comprehensive range of operations.

The IMO Sense & Switch Range

To meet the increasing demands of speed, efficiency and reliability required by today's automation companies, IMO offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of detection products.

IMO's Photoelectric, Inductive, Capacitive Sensors and Limit Switches offers its customers the widest possible choice when looking for the best solution to solve their detection problems.

High performance Photoelectric sensors offer accurate and repeat detection of true colour, presence and position for print, label, assembly and packaging applications, as well as Optical Safety sensors to provide a cost effective and simple alternative to mechanical guarding.

M18 and M12 Barrel Sensors have universal output configuration to match any interface as well as special versions providing background suppression, Luminescence and Registration mark sensing. Miniature and Block Style housing also include models with Background Suppression, Diffuse, Retro-reflective, through Beam and Fibre optic operation. Whilst specialist clear material detectors, Laser triangulation and label sensors provide special application solutions.

IMO also offer a wide range of inductive sensors in body styles from 3mm to M30 with a variety of output and power configurations giving choice and flexibility. Harsh environment versions are also available, allowing us to supply demanding machine tool applications with oil and abrasion resistant housings versions sealed to IP68.

And of course as shown above the IMO Limit Switches, including safety interlock versions, using Bifurcated contacts, high speed actuators and changeable turret positions, all carrying UL, CSA and CE approval, allows IMO to offer the widest choice of actuators available today from the World's Finest