Spring Connection Pluggable Terminals


Introducing the innovative SCP – Spring Connection Pluggable – DIN Rail Terminals from IMO. A totally new connection technology, the SCP range offers a wide variety of DIN Rail mountable terminals and feature socket mounting by way of terminal plugs, allowing you to carry out mounting quickly and easily, with total flexibility.

Specifically designed to withstand vibration, the IMO SCP range offers optional clip locks to maintain connections, yet can easily be removed from the terminals by simply pushing the clip upwards. This, along with a host of other thoughtful enhancements such as cable-tie mounts which allow you to use a cable tie to hold all assembled cables together to the socket, make the SCP the most advanced range of DIN Rail terminals ever produced by IMO. Other innovations include misconnection prevention by way of easy-to- insert orange pins that block out terminals, thus eliminating any possible error.

SCP Range Features include:

  • Spring Connection
  • Pluggable
  • Large colour choice
  • Various mounting types
  • Vertical & horizontal plug socket types
  • Cross connections
  • PIN coding

The flexibility of the SCP range has been thoroughly thought through, and as with the other IMO DIN Rail terminal ranges, offers cross connectors. It is actually possible to make dual cross connections on terminals, and the same cross connectors can be used with the sockets. Breaking the mould, the SCP range offers a new type of terminal which doesn’t mount on a DIN Rail. This dramatic step forward offers two (more flexible) mounting options – Free Mounting and Hole Mounting – enabling you to connect in ways you previously wouldn’t have imagined.

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