IMO: Connecting to the future


The IMO Terminal Blocks are one of the most comprehensive ranges available in the market today. The range consists of an insulated material available with various connection mechanisms including:

• Conventional terminal screw
• Rising clamp
• Plug and socket
• And screwless types (with various pitches and electrical capabilities)

The IMO Terminal Block range gives our customers confidence in our ability to supply a solution to their interconnection problems. The range has been especially designed with the electrical engineer in mind and contains features and devices to overcome the problems they typically encounter, on a daily basis.

Key Design Features

Formed Rising Clamp
The mechanism, made of plated steel with high strength steel screw, allows for the conductor to be clamped securely using a high contact force. The product incorporates an integrated protection against self-loosening whereby, as the screw is tightened the upper overlap springs up and locks on to the upper screw thread. Movement, or variation in the conductor, either due to environmental vibrations or changes in temperature, are accommodated by the high contact force, or the elasticity in the formed clamp mechanism.

Contact Faces and Surfaces
Rising clamp style terminal blocks incorporate face milling to facilitate multiple point contact along the wire surface therefore, reducing contact resistance and in conjunction with the high contact force, large corrosion free areas of conductor contact are found when the product is subject to hostile atmospheres. Improved retention force of the conductor is also an advantage of the clamp style.

Steel Inserts
Where the market requires high contact forces, the IMO plug and socket style ranges, can be connected and disconnected a number of times during their working life. Plated steel wire cages and screws are used as these give high rigidity, and are less prone to deformation whilst in-field service, when compared with similar style inserts made in copper or brass.

The IMO Terminal Block Product Range

Standard PCB Terminal Blocks
The IMO standard wire protector terminal block types 100 and 500 are simple structure PCB type connectors. Models are available with round pins or square solder pins, from 3.50mm and 3.81mm, to 15mm pitches whilst offering the option of 90o, 135o and 180o wire insertion directions.

The majority of types are available as basic units of 2-pole and 3-pole, which allow combining together for any required pole length. The IMO 102 series is only available as a single mounting in fixed pole lengths. However, the unit provides the largest wire capacity of this range.

This product type generally provides the most economical way of using a PCB terminal block and as such is extremely suitable for use in security, lighting and general electronic industries.

Rising Clamp PCB Terminal Blocks
The IMO Professional series of PCB type terminal block is designed with 3.5mm, 3.81mm 5.00mm, 6.35mm, 7.50mm, 9.50mm, 10.00mm and 10.16mm pitches at 90o, 135o and 180o wire entry directions.

With the design of single level, two-level and three level structures, the IMO Professional series offers you options to meet your specific applications.

As the IMO professional series uses a high reliability connection method, along with modern manufacturing techniques, this makes the product quality very stable and suitable for industrial controls and information technology applications.

Sockets for Pluggable Terminal Blocks
The IMO 900 and 1500 plugs, used as part of our pluggable interconnect series of terminal blocks, can be applied in a variety of sockets (headers). These sockets are available in 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, 5.08mm, 7.5mm and 7.62mm pitches with horizontal or vertical entry to meet your various design requirements and for designs where space is limited IMO also offer a two-level socket.

High Temperature Sockets for Pluggable Terminal Blocks
To compliment the standard range of PCB sockets, IMO has a high temperature version socket (HT range), which is suitable for the majority of reflow methods. Rated from – 40oC to 260oC and manufactured from high temperature resistant materials, it is available in pitches 3.5mm to 5.08mm, open ended or closed ended, with or without flange.

Plugs for PCB Socket Terminal Blocks
The 900 and 1500 series make up the plug side of our pluggable interconnect series of terminal blocks and are available in the following pitches: 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, 5.08mm, 7.50mm and 7.62mm.

These series of plugs are available in horizontal, vertical, and front wire entry to meet multiple design requirements.

IMO’s steel yoke design is utilised in these products to create a reliable connection suitable for use in industrial controls, information technology and other applications requiring highly reliable interconnection with the flexibility of simplified modifications and installations.

Screwless Terminal Blocks (Push Fit)
Mini Screwless, or push-fit, use a simple spring type clamp mechanism. The IMO 4000 and 5000 series terminal products are available with 2.54mm, 3.81mm 3.96mm, 5.00mm, 7.50mm, 7.62mm pitches and allow ferruled or solid wires to be inserted into the block directly without the assistance of a lever.

The convenient wire connection method of this product is suitable for telecommunication systems, security, lighting systems, security and architectural wiring.

Screwless Terminal Blocks (Cage Clamp)
The IMO 3000 series is a PCB product that uses a spring clamp terminal as the fixture for the wire connections and this product type is convenient to use and offers a maintenance free, anti-vibration highly reliable connection method.

The screwless cage clamp terminal blocks are suitable for use with solid, standard or ferruled wires and therefore are used widely in many applications in the industrial distribution of electrical equipment.