IMO Introduces its newest member to the IMO i3 range - The i3CX Intelligent Control Station.

The i3 range of controllers has now been expanded to include the NEW i3CX colour touch screen controller. The i3CX offers users a 5.7” colour display, a faster scan rate and a wider operating temperature. The new i3CX features a 5.7” TFT colour touch screen with 65536 colours, a faster 0.013ms/K scan rate and has the same built-in I/O options and uses the same communications options as other i3 controllers.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider the i3CX colour touch intelligent control station:

-Bright 5.7” with 640 x 480 resolution TFT colour touch screen capable of displaying photo-realistic objects and images for users that need a larger screen or bold colour graphics.

-Faster logic scan rate (0.013mS/K) for larger or more demanding applications.

-Offers 3 Serial ports (3 RS- 232/485 serial ports), unusual for a controller in this price range.

-Includes unique on-board MicroSD™ memory to support up to 32GB Micro SD cards for data logging and upgrading programs.

- Inbuilt Ethernet Port features FTP and WebServer.

- Inbuilt CAN Port for CANopen and iCAN.

- The i3CX includes two USB 2.0 ports; Host port and an on-the-go port. The Host Port allows connection of removable FLASH drives, supporting drives up to 2TB.

- Online Programming allows the logic program to be modified on-thefly without entering stop mode.

- The channel High Speed Counter accepts frequencies exceeding 500kHz, supporting a variety of modes including Totalizing, Quadrature, Pulse Measurement, Frequency Counting and Setpoint Controlled Outputs.

And there's more...

- Only 3” deep and mounts on any panel space about 7” x 6” .
- Wider operating temperature (-10C to 60C) meets a greater range of applications.
- Works with the i3 Series family of field installable add-on modules such as Mobile modem.

With a choice of either a simplified IEC-61131 based ladder editor, or a full IEC-61131 with toolbox of powerful functions, allowing you to easily write and manage projects, configure communication networks, SMS, data logging, I/O and user screens.

-Ladder Logic, ST, SFC, FBD
-Auto Tune PID (32 loops)
-Floating Point Maths (32Bit and 64Bit)
-Serial Port & Modem commands
-Real-Time Clock functions
-Program and Subroutine blocks
-Alarm / Recipe / Animation / Bitmaps
-Multi-Language support and custom fonts

How the i3 Intelligent Controller can work for you?

IMO's i3 controllers offer a unique solution since it is both a PLC and HMI combined in one device. It is also small, very powerful and has many unique connectivity features. One such feature is the GRPS modem option for monitoring and control, which is ideal for applications where the controller is somewhere out in the field.
Remote monitoring, control and programming of devices can reduce service visits required and allow first class customer service to provide to end customers. It minimizes downtime, maximises productivity and reduces servicing costs by allowing the possibility of fault diagnosis without visiting site.
Many specialist vehicles contain a variety of high tech equipment and software. These system are often produced by several suppliers, therefore having a variety of different interfaces. The i3 solves this problem by providing the user with a single interface running on a touch screen PLC.
Remote monitoring, control and programming have previously had been restrictive due to legacy devices only providing serial communications. Imagine being able to programme these devices from your office miles from their location on the factory floor! In fact the devices could be anywhere in the world.

Options I3CX Controller I3C Controller
Resolution 640 x 480 320 x 240
Colours 65536 32768
Ethernet Built In Optional
Serial Ports 3 2
USB Port 2 1
Screen Memory 27 MB 2 MB
Logic Memory 1 MB 256 kB
MicroSD Support 2 GB 32 GB
I/O Board Support 5 Types 3 Types
Scan Time 0.013mS/K 0.2mS/K
Clock Accuracy +/- 1 Min/Month +/- 1.53 Min/Month
Word Registers 50000 9999
Retentive Bit Registers 16384 2048
Non Retentive Registers 16384 2048
Online Programming Yes No

The new i3CX series has many more features and yet it is competitively priced to reflect the prices of the old series models without the Ethernet option, making the old series redundant and obsolete.