iConnect - Worldwide Remote data


The iConnect is a managed “connected black box” featuring built-in Ethernet (ICONNECT-ETHERNET) and optional 3G (ICONNECT-3G) or 4G (ICONNECT-4G) modem. iConnect automatically connects to the IMOGateway, enabling you to run scripts, set up alerts, and access data for storage and analysis from IMO devices, such as iCube integrated controller and iView HMI.

With iConnect you can setup a schedule to collect datalog files from your devices, via FTP and forward onto the IMOGateway database for analysis and alerts or if required onto your own servers. The iConnect can be connected via Ethernet or with a mobile modem (3G or 4G).

Security is at the forefront of the design and utilises the most current and adopted standards.

The GATEWAY-CONNECT is included for the first 24 months as part of the device subscription.

The GATEWAY-STORE provides safe and secure storage for all your datafiles and device logs.

The GATEWAY-SMS-100 text bundle allows you to send alerts to mobile devices, email is available and included.

The ICONNECT-ANTENNA allows an improved signal in weaker reception areas or where the device is fitted in a shielded environment or below ground.

M2M-DATA-XXMB at IMO we understand reliability is key, which is why we can offer standard M2M data plans for access onto our “Private” connection on a dedicated machine to machine (M2M) network.

Connecting with IMO’s secure connection, means you have a direct connection between the device and our secure servers, without the data going across the internet or public mobile network. As well as being secure, we also offer the following benefits:

  • Data roaming across an extensive range of global networks (Non Steering)
  • Data caps, bringing a fixed monthly fee
  • Network level SIM management via the IMOGateway
  • Robust heavy duty SIM card

IMOGateway interfaces with the iConnect device as part of a subscription service.

IMOGateway is the portal which enables you to have full control of your iConnect devices, allows you to register new iConnect devices, view, delete or download data files, set up and manage system alerts, and also manage the setup of your SIM card estate.

From the IMOGateway you can also determine where to store your data – on IMO’s GATEWAY-STORE or on your own designated servers. Customised branding is available, along with access control for end-users.