Updated iSmart V3


Providing the capability of a small PLC, iSmart is a flexible, easy to use range of intelligent relays. Base modules come with either 10 or 20 I/O ports expandable up to 44 (including four analogue) by adding a maximum of three 4-input, 4–output plug-in expansion modules. A high speed comms option is also available for even greater expandability that includes:

> Modbus
> Device Net
> Profibus
> Ethernet

With the free software provided, iSmart intelligent relays can be programmed via a PC or the integral keypad, using Relay Ladder (LD) or Function Block Diagram (FDB).

Versatile and highly cost-effective, iSmart is ideal for small machine applications including automatic doors, packaging machines, vending machines and much more.

Memory Enhancement

To cope with ever growing demands on the iSmart, the memory has been more than doubled in the most areas. The iSmart now contains a full 32k of Flash memory, compared with 4k in the iSmart V2 ranges.


New Vr. 3

Old Vr. 2

Ladder Steps



FBD Blocks



M Coils









N Coils (Same as M)



Analogue Compares



HMI Screens



Data Registers



Real Time Clock Compares



Function Enhancement

> Maths - The iSmart can now perform simple Maths calculations.
> Analogue Ramp - Ramp Analogue outputs, Data registers or PWM outputs.
> PID - Control a complex process with PID control.
> Multiplex - Switch data values or set-points easily with a multiplexer block.

Hardware Enhancement

> Robust hardware - The iSmart now has an operating / storage temperature range of -10 to 60°C instead of 0 to 50°C
> 2 new expansion modules are available - Analogue out and PT100 in.
> Connect up to 8 (V3 compatible) expansion modules - 3 Digital, 2 Analogue out, 1 Analogue in, 1 PT100 in, and 1 Comms. Totalling 40 Digital I/O, 8 Analogue In, 4 Analogue out, 4 PT100in, Modbus / DeviceNet/ Ethernet or Profibus Communications(only Modbus & DeviceNet currently stocked).
> Transistor Output types now have 2 PWM (1khs) outputs - fully scalable using a 16 bit register (0-32767ms) instead of a 3 bit selector.
> Screen enhanced to 16x4 characters instead of 12x4.
> Analogue Inputs enhanced from 10 bit to 12 bit, also low scale (<0.15v) response improved.

Comms Enhancement

The SMT-CD-R20 now offers some unique features due to its built-in Modbus Comms:

> Flexible port settings - Comms Parameters are no longer fixed, and can be set by the user. This allows the unit to be compatible with more networks and therefore used in a wider variety of applications.

> Modbus MU function - The SMT-CD-R20 can now be the Modbus Master on a network. Read or Write Single or Multiple registers from a network of other Modbus devices.