MA Micro Contactor


Size really does matter! The IMO “MA Series” of micro contactor will surprise you with its compact size as it is surely the neatest and most cost-effective solution for your switching requirements. Conforming to a wide range of standards, the MA Series is suitable for most motor switching applications including the reversing contactor with mechanical interlock for total safety. There is even a PCB mount version available.

Developed specifically to be as compact as possible, it is ideal for chain-hoists, elevators, electrical door controls and small heating appliances – a small selection of the wide range of applications that the MA can be used in. You should really take a look at how the MA Series can save you space, reduce your costs and improve performance in your products.

If space it at a premium, and you are looking for a high quality, high reliability and top performing micro contactor, we think you need look no further than the amazing MA Series of micro contactor from IMO.

The MA Series is now available in both AC and DC coil types, and conform to IEC 60947-4-1 and IEC 60335-2, as well as being cULus certified. Time to think a little differently? Definitely!