Power Supplies


IMO’s expanded range of power supplies now include three base models: DPS-1, DPS-3 and MPS-1 units with redundant module RPM20 also being added to the range. All IMO power supplies are DIN rail mountable, with the new MPS-1 range specifically designed to match the MCB profile. All models have been manufactured for the Control and Automation market, with common features to all models including universal input voltage, high efficiency, short circuit protection and internal input filters, all models have been optimised to the most compact and ergonomic design possible. PFC function, parallel connection and output Ready function are included on selected models.

DPS-1 Range

The IMO DPS-1 range of AC/DC DIN rail mountable power supplies offer the benefits of slim lines and the security of IMO’s 3-year warranty. The DPS-1 range provides multiple choices for all low power electrical or electronic systems commonly used in automation applications. As such, they provide a reliable power source for components such as sensors, relays, contactors, timers, temperature controllers, PLC’s, process controllers and HMI’s – all of which are also available from IMO.

Offering high efficiency up to 90%, the DPS-1 range is short-circuit protected and has its own integrated internal input filter. The range includes 5W, 10W and 18W class 2 power supplies in 22.5mm wide plastic enclosures, 30W and 60W in 40.5mm wide plastic enclosures, 100W & 120W in 63.5mm wide plastic enclosures, 240W and 300W in 83mm wide metal enclosures, and the high powered 480W in 175mm wide metal enclosures.

Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Wattage Output Current Body Material
DPS-1-015-5DC 90-264VAC 5VDC 15W 3A Plastic
DPS-1-018-12DC 90-264VAC 12VDC 18W 1.5A Plastic
DPS-1-018-24DC 90-264VAC 24VDC 18W 0.75A Plastic
DPS-1-030-5DC 85-264VAC 5VDC 30W 6A Plastic
DPS-1-030-12DC 85-264VAC 12VDC 30W 2.5A Plastic
DPS-1-030-24DC 85-264VAC 24VDC 30W 1.25A Plastic
DPS-1-030-48DC 85-264VAC 48VDC 30W 0.625A Plastic
DPS-1-050-5DC 85-264VAC 5VDC 50W 10A Plastic
DPS-1-060-12DC 85-264VAC 12VDC 60W 5A Plastic
DPS-1-060-24DC 85-264VAC 24VDC 60W 2.5A Plastic
DPS-1-060-48DC 85-264VAC 48VDC 60W 1.25A Plastic
DPS-1-100-12DC 115/230VAC 12VDC 100W 8.4A Plastic
DPS-1-100-24DC 115/230VAC 24VDC 100W 4.2A Plastic
DPS-1-100-48DC 115/230VAC 48VDC 100W 2.1A Plastic
DPS-1-120-12DC 115/230VAC 12VDC 120W 10A Metal
DPS-1-120-24DC 115/230VAC 24VDC 120W 5A Metal
DPS-1-120-48DC 115/230VAC 48VDC 120W 2.5A Metal
DPS-1-240-24DC 115/230VAC 24VDC 240W 10A Metal
DPS-1-240-48DC 115/230VAC 48VDC 240W 5A Metal
DPS-1-300-24DC 115/230VAC 24VDC 300W 12.5A Metal
DPS-1-300-48DC 115/230VAC 48VDC 300W 6.25A Metal
DPS-1-480-24DC 115/230VAC 24VDC 480W 20A Metal
DPS-1-480-48DC 115/230VAC 48VDC 480W 10A Metal

DPS-3 Range

In addition to the DPS-1 range, IMO’ new DPS-3 range of three phase AC DIN rail mountable power supplies offer four output power options – 120W, 240W, 480W and 960W. The DPS-3 range have been designed for more power demanding panels and industrial applications, and offer high efficiency up to 93% With wide input voltage range of 340-575V and 24VDC & 48VDC output options IMO 3phase power supplies provide options for most applications. DPS-3 models are of SELV components design for added safety.

Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Wattage Output Current Body Material
DPS-3-120-12DC 340-575VAC 12VDC 120W 10A Metal
DPS-3-120-24DC 340-575VAC 12VDC 120W 5A Metal
DPS-3-240-24DC 340-575VAC 24VDC 240W 10A Metal
DPS-3-240-48DC 340-575VAC 48VDC 240W 5A Metal
DPS-3-480-24DC 340-575VAC 24VDC 480W 20A Metal
DPS-3-480-48DC 340-575VAC 48VDC 480W 20A Metal
DPS-3-960-24DC 340-575VAC 24VDC 960W 40A Metal
DPS-3-960-48DC 340-575VAC 48VDC 960W 20A Metal

MPS-1 Range

IMO’s MPS-1 range is the newest power supply model in our offering. AC/DC DIN rail mountable power supplies with the added benefit of matching a traditional MCB profile, with a design that has kept in mind the demand from BMS solutions that require lower voltage DC supplies. The MPS-1 range provides multiple choices for all low power electrical or electronic devices commonly used in automation applications, with high efficiency up to 82%.

Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Wattage Output Current Body Material
MPS-1-007-5DC 90-264VAC 5VDC 7.5W 1.5A Plastic
MPS-1-015-5DC 90-264VAC 5VDC 15W 3A Plastic
MPS-1-022-5DC 90-264VAC 5VDC 22W 4.5A Plastic
MPS-1-035-5DC 90-264VAC 5VDC 35W 7A Plastic
MPS-1-060-5DC 90-264VAC 5VDC 60W 12A Plastic
MPS-1-010-12DC 90-264VAC 12VDC 10W 0.83A Plastic
MPS-1-024-12DC 90-264VAC 12VDC 24W 2A Plastic
MPS-1-033-12DC 90-264VAC 12VDC 33W 2.75A Plastic
MPS-1-054-12DC 90-264VAC 12VDC 54W 4.5A Plastic
MPS-1-072-12DC 90-264VAC 12VDC 72W 6A Plastic
MPS-1-010-24DC 90-264VAC 24VDC 10W 0.42A Plastic
MPS-1-024-24DC 90-264VAC 24VDC 24W 1A Plastic
MPS-1-036-24DC 90-264VAC 24VDC 36W 1.5A Plastic
MPS-1-060-24DC 90-264VAC 24VDC 60W 2.5A Plastic
MPS-1-100-24DC 90-264VAC 24VDC 100W 4.8A Plastic

The added advantage of offering a universal input voltage range means that all IMO power supplies can work within 85 to 264VAC as standard, and with output voltage options of 5-48V (model dependant), we have every combination covered.