With so many included innovations, the XGB U sets new standards in ultimate PLC performance. Compatible with the existing expansion modules of the XGB range, and with a host of outstanding features, the XGB U will provide the utmost efficiency or your applications. The integral web server offers monitoring of PLC information and data through a web browser that includes basic PLC information, module information, diagnostics and flag monitoring, data log file download capability, O/S updating, ladder program updates and more.

With increased CPU processing speeds and increased program capacity, the XGB U is the future of programmable logic controllers.

Key Features include:

Dual Port Ethernet

  • 2 ports unmanaged Ethernet switch support
  • Cost saving through simple wiring
  • FTP server support (Data logging)


  • 4 axes built-in Positioning line drive pulse output (XEC/XBC-DN32UP)
  • Position control, speed control, position/speed control, speed/position control, linear/circular/helical interpolation, CAM control

Web Server

  • Monitoring of PLC information and data through web browser (PLC basic info., module info., diagnosis, device monitoring, flag monitoring, data log file download, O/S update, ladder program update, etc.)
  • Time synchronization by setting basic parameters (SNTP: Simple Network Time Protocol)
  • Email service through commercial email (SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

Data Logging

  • Easy parameter set up for [General save], [Trigger save], [Event save] without instruction
  • 16GB of operation data storable
  • Additional function:
      - SD memory format, FTP link, Diagnosis, sending E-mail
      - PLC program upload/download
      - O/S update


  • Max. 10 expansion Modules:
      - Max. 2 High speed backplane modules
      - Max. 2 Communication modules

Analogue Input/Output

  • Built-in analog function (XEC/XBC-DN32UA)
  • 4ch. Input, Output
  • Resolution: 1/16,000, conversion speed: 0.5ms/ch

EtherCAT Positioning Module (XBF-PN08B)

  • High speed backplane transmission through USB host function
  • Standard EtherCAT protocol, CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT)
  • 1ms communication cycle
  • Max. 8 axes servo driver control
  • 2~8 axes linear interpolation,2 axes circular, interpolation, 3 axes helical interpolation, 8 types of CAM data to control CAM