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IMO Limit Switches

IMO Limit Switches are being installed and used daily in every type of industrial machinery, in all types of weather conditions and in many different industry sectors including Wood, Metal, Plastic, Automotive, Packaging and Lifting. IMO Limit Switches are available in eight basic body styles, many contact switch blocks and numerous styles of actuators, giving over 3,000 configurations.
All IMO Limit Switches offer bifurcated contacts for low resistance and high reliability, with both IP67 rated metal and plastic housing options. We even offer sealed fully potted modular versions.

IMO Limit Switch Benefits
  • Bifurcated contacts for low resistance and high reliability
  • Over 3,000 configurations
  • Metal or plastic housing available
  • Range of micro switches available

IMO Limit Switch Products

Standard heavy duty
Compact heavy duty
Miniature Pre-Cabled