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IMO Pushbuttons

Designed and manufactured in Western Europe, IMO's comprehensive high quality range of modular 22.5mm and 30mm push buttons and controls provide a flexible, reliable system for operating low voltage electrical systems. Encompassing a myriad of switching options from momentary push and e-stops to multi-position captive key switches and the ability to mix, match and stack contact blocks, they offer the ultimate level of flexibility and customisation.
Additional accessories including switch illumination options, actuator engraving, collars, legend plates,protective shrouds and pre-drilled enclosures add a smart, professional look and additional functionality to the range. Environmental protection up to IP67 is available with most parts, making them suitable for both interior and exterior use.
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IMO Pushbutton Benefits
  • Modular design for ultimate flexibility
  • High quality; robust, reliable construction
  • Available ready assembled in standard designs, or customised as part of our Value Added Sub-Assembly service
  • Third Party Approval Certifications

IMO Pushbutton Products

Momentary Action
Emergency Stop
Selector Switch
Lens caps